Circle of Sowers for a New World - Application - due 09/04/2020 (midnight)
with Rosi & RaheNi

A 6-month journey for those who want to prepare themselves as guerrerx/warrior seeds for The New World that is emerging. Space is limited to 13 participants who show intentional committment. For more info, please visit or
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Have you read, "Parable of the Sower" by Octavia Butler? (note: this is a prerequisite to begin the Circle)
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What interests you most about the possibility of participating in this journey?
What kind of world do you see in the next 3-10 years? Or what kind of world would you like to create? Please include socio-economic elements in your description.
Are you able to commit to ALL meetings? The Circle of Sowers for a New World will be meeting bimonthly for 6 months. Each meeting will be 1.5 hours long. Please make sure that you are able to commit the time to these meetings as well as time to sit with, work on & accomplish "goals" (that you set for yourself) in between the meeting times. If your answer is no, then we invite you to consider this invitation further and come back to complete this application when you are able to dedicate the required time to this commitment. Thank you.
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We are asking participants to offer at least one 30-minute share in the 6-month circle, but welcome more if you would like. What gifts, talents, skills could you contribute to the Circle?
We ask that half of the participants offer their share within months 1-3, and the other half offer it in months 4-6. Please let us know when you prefer to offer your share. Months 4-6 will allow some members who need more time to prepare for their share.
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This Circle will be a journey of personal growth *to become a strong sower for the New World*. Please share the personal goals you are currently interested in setting for yourself to be a strong sower.
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