Application form for wonderphilosophy, 2020
Please fill out this form if you'd like to attend the 2020 Workshop ON Discovering Entrance Requirements in Philosophy graduate programs, Sept 26-27, to be held online via Zoom.

This form collects some information from you. Except for the fact that we will prioritize first-generation students, *you will not be assessed based on your answers*. For more information on the selection process, visit

Please submit your application before Friday, Sept. 18th by 5pm PST.
Email address *
What is your name? (last name + however you'd like to be called) *
Which undergraduate (or MA) institution did you attend/ are you attending? *
Are you a first-generation student? (Defined as those who have not recently lived with parents/guardians who have earned 4-year, full-time, Bachelor’s degrees soon after high school; see for more detail) *
What philosophical questions interest you? (e.g., I'm interested by "how do scientists know what they know is right?")
Which area(s) of philosophy do you think best describe your interest (e.g., metaphysics, feminism, etc.)?
Name 1-2 things that matter to you when selecting a graduate program (e.g., friendly people, small cohorts, highly-respected professors)
Name 1-2 things that might matter to others but don't matter to you (e.g., friendly people, small cohorts, highly-respected professors)
What aspects of the application process do you hope that we can address in the workshop? (feel free to say as much or as little as you'd like)
Please confirm that you can commit to the full 2-day online workshop (Sept 26-27), except for emergency situations. *
This workshop will be held online, over Zoom. What can we do to help you learn best under these conditions? Are there any accommodations you'd like us to make? (e.g. any accommodations based on audio/visual disability, learning disability, social anxiety)
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