2021S Rhea Lana's of Manatee County VIP Request
First and Last name: *
Home address in Manatee County - where items will be picked up: *
Phone number for text messages and calls: *
Email address: *
Are you a returning VIP or Consignor? If not, Who referred you to our VIP program? *
What to expect with VIP and how to increase your earnings:
One of our VIP Processor will hang, tag, store, label, and drop off your items to the event for you.
You will be responsible for picking up your unsold items and check on Wednesday, April 14th between 3:30PM and 6:30PM. (If you choose to donate your unsold items to our partner charities, you are welcome to pick up your check or we will mail it to you, whichever is most convenient.)

As a VIP Consignor, you will receive:
35% of your sales,
A free pass to SHOP EARLY at the Private Pre-Sales that are time reserved for consignors only.
PreSale: Friday, April 9th, 5PM - 10PM
Half Priced PreSale: Sunday, April 11th, 3PM - 9:30PM

You will be charged a $11 consignor fee per 200 items, which is taken out of your consignor check (you don't pay it up front).
Your items will be priced at 25-30% of retail and items will be marked DISCOUNTED (25% off and 50% off) on the final days of the event. Your VIP processor will have you approve their prices once your items are entered.

You can earn 5-10% more on your sales and get your consignor fee waived by referring new first-time consignors. Referrals can process their own items or they can also be VIP. Doesn't matter....
1 referral = $11 Consignor fee is waived
2 referrals = An additional 5%
3 referrals = an additional 10%
Please share with your friends and we will thank you with:
VIP consignors earn 35% of their sales and pay an $11 consignor fee per 200 items. *
All VIP items will be discounted on the 25% and 50% days. *
VIP items will be priced between 25-30% of retail on most items. *
Consignors can earn a higher % of their sales and get their consignor fee waived by referring others to also consign for the 1st time with Rhea Lana's of Manatee County. They can be VIP or a regular consignor. *
I understand that a consignor who prepares his/her own items is eligible for 65% of sales. By using this VIP process, you are essentially splitting your earnings with your processor. *
Consignor Guidelines
CLOTHING ITEMS must be checked for excessive wear, stains, or holes and should be seasonally appropriate. If items have been stored longer than a year please freshly launder them.

CLOTHING ITEMS MUST BE ODOR/STAIN/HOLE FREE, LAID FLAT (OR ON PLASTIC HANGERS) AND ORGANIZED BY SIZE AND GENDER And placed in a box or bag with form. No plastic trash bags or bins please (you will not get them back).


GAMES AND PUZZLES must have NO MISSING pieces and batteries must work!.
CLOTHING items must be odor/stain/hole free, in excellent condition, folded and organized by size and gender. *
GAMES & puzzles must have all pieces and all batteries must work. *
SHOES must be NEW or in LIKE NEW condition, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! *
Will you be consigning toys? *
IF you will be consigning clothing, list the size range and gender. (e.g. 18 months girls, 6 boys or small teen girls) If you will not be consigning clothing, type "none". *
Will you be consigning large items? (Baby equipment, furniture, stroller, bicycle, outdoor toys...). Will a regular passenger car have enough room to transport your items? If so, please list below. If not, type "none". *
About how many items will you be consigning? *
Thank you! Lori & Jill
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