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This is the application for Be Original, Be Free in Silicon Valley Program.
Closing date: Dec 16, 2018
WEB Site: (Japanese)

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How did you find our program? Please tell us more detail.
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プログラム参加で達成したい事、意気込みを記入してください。 *
What you would you like to achieve through participating in this program?
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今注目している、興味のある課題は何ですか? またなぜですか? *
What problem are you most interested in? Why?
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その課題を解決するために考えているアイデアや、すでに実施していることがあれば、以下の構成で要約してください。 *
1. サービスを表す一言キャッチフレーズ 2. サービスが解決すべき課題 3. サービスの解決方法、他とは違う点(300字以内) How do you describe your business? (150 words) Please include the following 3 points. 1. Tagline which describe your business 2. What problem are you tackling to? 3. How does your idea solve the problem? How is it different from the same kind of products/services?
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Write about a person, company you are interested in.
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たとえば、もしあれば過去に参加・運営したイベントや勉強会、ビジネスプランコンテスト参加・受賞歴など Write about business contests Awards you received, interesting events you have participated, study group you organized.
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