DGST101: Final Self-reflection
The questions here are less prescriptive than on the midterm self-evaluation, in order to give you the opportunity to reflect on the course in a way that feels appropriate to you. So I can submit final grades on time, please fill out this form before Friday, December 13 at 10pm.

As you're working, consider the statement on grading and assessment from our course syllabus:

"This course will focus on qualitative not quantitative assessment, something we’ll discuss during the class, both with reference to your own work and the works we’re studying. While you will get a final grade at the end of the term, I will not be grading individual assignments, but rather asking questions and making comments that engage your work rather than simply evaluate it. You will also be reflecting carefully on your own work and the work of your peers. The intention here is to help you focus on working in a more organic way, as opposed to working as you think you’re expected to. If this process causes more anxiety than it alleviates, see me at any point to confer about your progress in the course to date. If you are worried about your grade, your best strategy should be to join the discussions, do the reading, and complete the assignments. You should consider this course a 'busy-work-free zone.' If an assignment does not feel productive, we can find ways to modify, remix, or repurpose the instructions."
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Write me a short letter that reflects on your work in this class. Consider the work you did on the final project, your work earlier in the term, the feedback you offered your peers on their work, and how you met your own goals. Feel free to include more links to examples of your work as necessary. Did you miss any significant work? Is there anything you are particularly proud of? (Your answers to this question should correlate with the grade you give yourself in the next question.) *
What letter grade would you give yourself for the semester? (Ideally, I would give everyone the grade they give themselves, but I reserve the right to raise or lower grades as appropriate.) *
Bonus question: What is the internet? How has your answer changed this semester? (And, if you think the internet might save us from the apocalypse or contribute to the heat death of the universe, say that too!)
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