Mitten Tree & Holiday Gift Drive
1. Go to DreamList to browse through the list from Second Step –

2. When you select a gift card, WRITE DOWN the Recipient Code for that card. These are typically a letter and three numbers (e.g., T005, R041, R042).

★ ★ ★ See the image below for an example of where to find the Recipient Code! ★ ★ ★

3. Follow instructions to purchase the Gift Card.

4. To ship the Gift Card directly to Second Step, mail it to the following address:

The Second Step - ####
PO Box 600213
Newton, MA 02460

Note: Please include the four-digit Recipient Code in your shipping information!

5. Register your information here so that we can track who has donated and which gift cards have been purchased!

Contact Robert Jones ( with any questions.
We need to record the Recipient Code for each donation!
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