Request for "Motivated Musician" Fun packet
If you would like some sheets of music to practice for fun over the summer (movie theme songs, TV theme songs, a new scale) please complete the form and submit. I will put together packets over the weekend and bring to you sometime on the last day of school!
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Homeroom Teacher
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List any ideas you have of what you would like to learn (favorite movie theme song, Patriotic music from a specific country (ie. Ahrirang, God Bless America, Hatikva), any other ideas list below
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For 4th graders, would you like to start learning a song we will be practicing for band in September?
For 5th graders, would you like a copy of the scales you will be asked to learn in 6th grade to get a head start?
I have a printer at home and can print music if Ms. Luberger has to email music to me
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