Trouble with Kansas Open Records Requests
If you have recently filed an open records request with a government entity in Kansas (local or state) and had trouble accessing the records or were given an exorbitant bill, we want to hear from you. This is for the general public and for journalists. Please complete the form individually for each record request you are writing about.

This survey is being produced by the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government. The goal of the Kansas Sunshine Coalition is to promote awareness of open and transparent government in Kansas. Our members help keep the public informed of the abuses of open government and hold elected officials accountable for those actions that ignore the public’s legal right to truly public meetings and access to government records. The Coalition works to strengthen application of existing open meetings and open records laws and to monitor legislative activities related to open government at all levels of government.

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From what kind of agency did you request records?
Specifically from which government office did you request records? (Example: Sedgwick County treasurer, or Kansas Department of Health and Environment)
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How long did it take to get a an acknowledgement of your request?
How long did it take to actually get the records you requested?
If the request was denied, what was the reason given by the agency? Was the reason given in writing? Please provide a specific exemption number or statute if given.
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How much was the stated fee to retrieve the records?
Have you received the records yet?
May we contact you if we have additional questions about your request and the response you received from the government? Please provide your name, phone number and email address.
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