One2one Sessions Application Form - October 2020
Our one2one sessions are a great way of gaining quality swimming skills which will provide swimmers with efficient swimming technique, the key to quick progress and swimming success.

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We are now taking bookings for
One2one Swimming Sessions in 25m Pool with MP Coaches - Epsom College

February Half Term 2021 - sessions to be confirmed in January

Epsom College, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 4JQ


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Note: Please be advised that bookings are processed manually on first come first serve basis and the information on availability has only an advisory capacity.
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One2one Swimming Sessions in 25m Pool with MP Coaches
These sessions are coached by our expert MP Coaches. The MP Coaches follow our unique MP Coaching Methods developed by Head Coach, Double Olympian Edward Sinclair.
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T&C from 22nd July March 2020:Temporary Terms & Conditions - COVID-19 Crisis: At Maximum Performances, one of our main objectives is to always put the safety and well being of our attendees and staff above anything else. Safety is our highest priority. With this in mind, we are closely following government guidelines and recommendations around the COVID-19 virus and what that means for your swimming tuition with us. We also follow the latest advice from the national governing body for swimming - Swim England. Temporary Cancellation Terms & Conditions for all new bookings, which offer more flexibility to us as well as to our costumers in these difficult times - valid from 16th March 2020 until further notice: IF WE NEED TO CANCEL-COVID-19:In case any one2one session gets cancelled by us due to events caused by COVID-19 pandemic, such as closure of any venue or shortage of coaching staff or low attending numbers or in circumstances where the Government orders that everyone has to self isolate due to COVID-19 (any form of lockdown), we will not be able to offer refunds, but will be offering a credit towards one2one sessions in our Endless Pool - more information: This credit will be valid for 12 month. We cannot be held responsible for any other losses incurred as a result of such a cancellation. For sessions with Olympian: We also reserve the right to supply another suitable coach for your sessions in case our Head Coach Olympian Ed Sinclair will not be able to coach due to COVID-19 - please be advised that this change will NOT entitle you to cancel your booking or ask for any refund. Thank you for your understanding. IN CASE YOU NEED TO CANCEL-COVID-19:Even though, a case where a customer who is unable to attend because they have COVID-19, but in circumstances where the Government hasn't yet ordered that everyone self isolate, is legally not that different from any other situation where a customer has to cancel due to illness, and usually, this is a risk which the customer is expected to bear, and we would normally not offer any refund or credit, we will be under this exceptional circumstances, for bookings cancelled due to COVID-19, offering a credit towards one2one sessions in our Endless Pool - more information: This credit will be valid for 12 month. For cancellations not affected by COVID-19, the usual T&C will apply: In case you need to cancel this means: CANCELLATIONS - Small Group Courses & One2ones Sessions: IN CASE YOU NEED TO CANCEL:Please be advised that no refunds will be given once we receive the payment, unless we are able to fill in your space from a waiting list. This is due to a small number of participants. Thank you for your understanding. In case we will manage to fill in your space the 15% administration fee will be retained to cover part of our administration costs imposed by processing your booking and its cancellation.IF WE NEED TO CANCEL:Maximum Performances reserves the right to cancel this tuition at any time, especially in case the coach allocated to these courses will not be fit to coach or cannot get to the venue on time. Maximum Performances reserves the right to cancel the tuition up to 2 days before the start date if numbers enrolled have not reached the minimum requirement. In the occasion of cancellation all swimmers will be notified as soon as possible and a full refund of the session fee will be given within 5-14 working days after the cancellation. We cannot be held responsible for any other losses incurred as a result of such a cancellation.CHANGE OF VENUE: In case the tuition or accommodation venue notifies us that facilities are not fit for use on tuition dates or that their availability has changed for any other reason, Maximum Performances reserves the right to try to find an alternative venue and run the course in a new location. We will notify all enrolled attendees about this change as soon as possible. If the course runs in the newly confirmed location / venue no refunds will be offered. We cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred as a result of such a change.OUR LIABILITY TO YOU: Maximum Performances shall ensure that our courses you enrol to are in accordance to our promotional materials as well as these terms and conditions and shall be performed by us with reasonable skill and care. Maximum Performances is a Swim England affiliated organisation which follows: Wavepower 2020-23: Child safeguarding policy and procedures for clubs: PAYMENT METHODS: Cheque or bank transfer: If paying by bank transfer, please be aware that all bank charges related to the payment must be paid by the applicant. If making payment from abroad please make sure that we receive the whole amount in £. PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEOS:Videos recorded for training purposes will be shared with attendees while using website – JURISDICTION CLAUSE: Your booking grounds the contract between you and Maximum Performances UK Ltd in English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. The contract is formed when we email you a booking confirmation. Your contract cannot be amended unless confirmed in writing by an authorised representative of Maximum Performances and yourself. TIMETABLE: We always aim to deliver our tuition according to advertised schedules, however Maximum Performances reserves the right to make further changes to any schedule at any point if required.FORCE MAJEURE -’Event outside our control’:DELAY OR FAILURE TO PERFORM: We shall not be liable to you if we are prevented or delayed in the performing of any of our obligations to you if this is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including (without limitation); an act of God, illness/virus outbreak, explosion, flood, fire or accident; war or civil disturbance; strike, industrial action or stoppages of work; any form of government intervention; a third party act or omission; failure by you to notify us of any changes of supplied information. SAFETY: Regulations made for the safety and comfort of course attendees, staff and others must be observed at all times. BEHAVIOUR: In order to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of all attendees Maximum Performances reserves the right to discipline and in extreme cases to send anyone home at the parent or guardian’s expenses, without the refund of fees. PERSONAL LOSS / INJURY: Maximum Performances staff will take all reasonable care of every attendee. However Maximum Performances accepts no responsibility for any illness, personal injury, or for any loss or damage to individuals' personal property whilst they are attending our tuition, except in the case of proven negligence on part of Maximum Performances and for this purpose Maximum Performances carries mandatory third party cover for the activities carried out. The parent or guardian enrolling their child to our tuition agrees that the applicant is voluntarily participating with the knowledge of the inherent and other risks (both known and unknown) in our tuition. The applicant and parent/guardian accept full responsibility for any injury, damage, death or other loss resulting from these risks and/or resulting from the applicant’s own negligence or other misconduct. PERSONAL PROPERTY: Maximum Performances will not be liable for any item of personal property brought by your child to our tuition. Your child is advised not bring with them items such as mobile phones, personal music or media devices, jewellery, cash or other valuables. A attendee’s personal property is the attendee’s own responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to Maximum Performances’ negligence. If anything is missing, please notify staff immediately as there may still be time to find it before the end of the tuition. Items of property left behind by your child may be disposed of if not claimed and collected by you within 20 days of the end of our courses. We will endeavour to return items to their rightful owners, however delivery costs might be charged. INSURANCE: Attendees are encouraged to take out medical/accident/travel insurance, to cover injury or sickness during or prior to the tuition, for their own financial and personal security. Non UK citizens and non UK nationals need to provide Maximum Performances with a copy of travel insurance covering swimming courses in UK before their enrolment onto any course can be confirmed. Please be advised to ensure that your insurance policy covers: medical emergencies, cancellation and personal effects. SUITABILITY TO ATTEND OUR COURSES: Maximum Performances reserves the right to determine the suitability of an individual to participate, and the right not to accept a booking or exclude an individual from our tuition. Maximum Performances must be advised at the time of booking about any medical, social and/or behavioural issues that may effect the tuition environment for the individual, other participants and staff. Disabilities or relevant medical conditions should be discussed with us at the time of booking in order that we can advise you as to the suitability of your chosen tuition. Maximum Performances also reserves the right to refuse a booking or exclude an individual from tuition if this information comes to light at a later stage of the booking process or during the tuition. In the event of any individual being excluded or withdrawn from the tuition, no refund or reduction will be made. In addition, any costs incurred by Maximum Performances in connection with an individual being asked to leave our tuition, will be the full responsibility of the person’s parent or guardian who will be expected to bear the cost in full. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: It is your responsibility to ensure Maximum Performances is fully notified of any dietary needs, behavioural, medical or social problems that the applicant may have, particularly when those needs might affect the applicant or other participants during our tuition. This is to ensure that Maximum Performances is able to provide a suitable level of care and supervision, to enable all participants to participate fully in our courses and to prevent individuals attending our tuition who may require a higher level of (medical) care or supervision than Maximum Performances can reasonably provide. FIRST AID / URGENT TREATMENT CONSENT: I, being the parent/carer/legal guardian herby give my permission for the administration of basic first aid treatment by staff or lifeguards supplied by the venue. In the event of an emergency I also authorise the staff or lifeguards supplied by the venue to take appropriate action to obtain necessary medical help for my child, including sending them to hospital. I also give permission for the staff to give the immediately necessary authority on my behalf for any medical or surgical treatment recommended by competent medical authorities, where it would be contrary to the swimmer’s interest, in the doctor’s medical opinion, for any delay to be incurred by seeking my personal consent. COMPLAINTS: In the event a participant has a problem or a complaint, it is important that they bring it to the attention of staff as soon as it arises. Any member of staff can be approached and will be willing to give assistance. If the problem is not resolved satisfactory the participant should contact the directors who have overall responsibility for our tuition. Official complaints should be directed to the directors in writing on: COLLECTION AUTHORISATION: For your child’s personal safety if a chaperone other than the parent is collecting your child please inform the directors while stating the name and relationship of the chaperone (please inform the chaperones that they may be asked to provide Photo ID for security purposes). YOUR INFORMATION: All personal information will be handled sensitively and confidentially. We shall only store and use the information you supply to us for the purposes of carrying out our contract with you and to inform you of other services and programmes which we may make available in the future. If you do not wish to receive such information please email Updated 22nd July 2020.
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