Swim Lessons 2019
Swim lessons will cost $20 per session per child (if a member).
Swim lessons will cost $30 per session per child (if non-member).
You must pay to secure your spot. Until you pay, you do not have a secured spot. You can pay any time you are at the club when it opens for the summer.

Mommy & Me
-parent in water with child
-instructor in water with parents, giving instructions
-to get children familiar and comfortable in water
-18 months to 3 years
-depends on parent comfort level

Level 1
-getting familiar in water a without parent
-rudimentary kicking

Level 2
-Basic swimming skills
-Nose bubbles
-Kicking on back and front
-Kicking with board
-Still highly relying on instructors
-Beginning of arms (freestyle)

Level 3
-Developing strokes
-Should be able to go to bottom of shallow end with no assistance
-Sit dives

Level 4
-Learn fly body position
-Freestyle, breath to side
-Learn breast kick
-Knee dive

Level 5
-Swim full 25 freestyle
-Swim full 25 backstroke
-Learn flip turns
-Learn open turns
-Standing dive

Lessons take place 11:00-11:30 and 11:30-12 Monday-Friday
& Lessons take place Tuesday @ 6-6:30 and Saturday @ 11-11:30 and 11:30-12

Session 1A (Monday-Friday in the morning) June 3rd-14th
Session 1B (Tuesday evenings& Saturday mornings) June 4th-22nd
Session 2A (Monday-Friday in the morning) June 17th-28th
Session 2B (Tuesday evening & Saturday morning) July 2nd-20th
Session 3 (Monday-Friday in the morning ) July 1st-12th *will be off for 4th of July*
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