Commitment to be an LGBT Safe Space
Every LGBT person and family has a right to feel safe and respected at all times, and in all places. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

If your business or venue is committed to being a safe space for LGBT people -- including all expressions of gender identity -- and you want it to be identified as such, please provide us your contact information below. We will include your business in our Maryland Map of Safe Spaces.

Safe spaces for LGBT people are defined as those which do at least the following:

1. Make certain all employees will treat all LGBT patrons with dignity and respect; which includes equal levels of customer service

2. Make certain all employees refrain from using slurs directed at LGBT people

3. Make certain all employees understand displays of affection by LGBT people are no more or less indecent than similar displays of affection by non-LGBT people

4. Make certain employees will intervene on behalf of LGBT people when these standards are being ignored by other customers and patrons

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