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Hello NY District Circle K!

The Oratorical Contest is a chance for any Circle K member to showcase their public-speaking skills in a competition setting. You must choose one of the prompts listed below and can prepare your speech before hand. The speech should be approximately 3-5 minutes long. During DCON, you will present the prepared speech to a panel of judges who will pick the winner for the contest! The winner will be able to present the speech in front of all of the DCON attendees.

The Prompts for the Speech are as Followed:
1. What is a challenge in Circle K you have overcome this year? (This can be related to a position but also something like how you overcame a challenge of making friends)
2. How have you grown as a leader in Circle K? What is a valuable lesson you learned about being a leader?
3. What is a service project that has impacted your life? How did it feel to make a difference? (All service counts!)
4. How has a friend from Circle K impacted your life?

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