FallenTech Staff Applications #4

*This is the official FallenTech Staff Application Form. Treat it formally and write formally to make a good impression of yourself. any misuse or spam of the application will lead to a decline for the spot.*

These applications are for the Trainee rank on the Network

- If you have any questions contact a server Admin via our discord server.

- You can only apply once so make sure you give your best. You can only apply again if the Recruitment Process starts again in the future.

-If you are not contacted within 2 weeks of submitting your application you were most likely denied.

* We would strongly advice during your application to * -

- Write formally in standard English.
- Explain everything clearly.
- Write into a greater depth for the larger questions (This may help you have a better chance against others!).
- Answer all questions honestly and wisely! Any lies that are discovered in the applications or later on will have consequences.

- Please only apply if you want to have an impact on the community and if you feel like you are suitable for this job, it can be overwhelming!

** For your information, please also note that in-game moderation is also accompanied by Discord moderation. When applying for this spot you are also being assessed on Discord moderating skills as well **

Good luck!!

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