Paperback Pre-Order Form for Events
I am only able to bring a limited number of books to each event, so if you are attending one of the following and want to be sure you get the book or books you want, please fill out the form below. If you order less than one month before the date of the event, I cannot guarantee I will have your books available at the event.

When ordering three or more items, you MUST pay in advance via PayPal. When ordering any historical romances, any novellas, or any single-volume boxed sets (i.e. Portland Storm: The First Period), you MUST pay in advance via PayPal. If for some reason you have pre-ordered and pre-paid for any items and you are then unable to attend the event, I can ship the items to you after you've paid for any applicable shipping and handling charges.

If paying in advance, I will invoice you via PayPal approximately 3 weeks before the event. You must pay by no later than 2 weeks before the event.

I will bring a limited quantity of bookplates to sign, for those of you who already have print copies of my books at home.

Quantity Discounts are available. See below for details.

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Reminder: You MUST preorder novellas and historical romance titles, as I will not bring them otherwise. Note: you can purchase any combination of 3 novels for $30, any 5 novels for $45, any 2 novels and 1 novella for a total of $25, or any 3 novellas for $12. The discounted price will be reflected on the invoice sent via PayPal or when you pay at the event. Preorders that include novellas, any historical romances, and/or contain more than 2 items MUST be paid for in advance. Books with a single * are not available until the Kiss and Tell Author Event and later. Books with two ** are not available until the Passion in Portland event and later. Please note: Portland Storm: The First Period, Portland Storm: The Second Period, Portland Storm: The Third Period, and Tulsa Thunderbirds: Square One are single-volume paperbacks. They are not traditional boxed sets, with individual paperback books boxed together. These are VERY LARGE BOOKS, containing 3-5 titles within a single volume.
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