Registrations for IAGB Republic Day Mela 2020 - Cultural Program
The Cultural Program is divided into four segments. Please read the instructions and rules carefully before submitting an entry.

1. Please choose appropriate category below.
Segment 1: “Bacchon ki Bahaar” – must be either Bollywood, folk or classical dance performances – age group not to exceed 12 years; minimum number of participants must be 6. Item duration must not exceed 3.5 mins

Segment 2: “Mitti Ke Rang” – competition segment - open for regional organizations and invitation only – must represent indigenous folk or classical flavor of the state/region. The minimum number of participants must be 7 or more and item duration must not exceed 8 mins. IAGB team will reach out to regional organizations to submit an official entries. If your team is interested to participate in this segment, reach out to your regional organization.

Segment 3: “Prithvi ke Rakhwale – must be a skit or a street play or a dance drama and must address any one or more of the top 10 Current Global Issues (Climate Change, Pollution, Violence, Security and Well Being, Lack of Education, Unemployment, Government Corruption, Malnourished and Hunger, Substance Abuse, Terrorism). Minimum number of participants must be 5; no age limit for the participants. Item duration should not exceed 10 to 12 mins. If your team is interested to participate in this segment, please reach out to to pick an available topic/s mentioned above.

Segment 4: “Dance Dhamal!!!” – Open to participants aged 13 and above; performances can be classical, semi-classical or high tempo Bollywood or any other Indian movie dance numbers; minimum number of participants must be 7. Item duration should not exceed 5 mins.

2. Solo performances are not permitted.

3. All entrants must submit a link to the video of their proposed performances for evaluation by the IAGB Cultural Committee (CC). The video has to be a close representation of your intended performance on Republic Day 2020.

December 15 - Last date to submit your entry and links to YouTube videos for evaluation.

December 22 - IAGB CC will communicate selection of group. CC's decision of the performing groups' selection will be final. Should your team be selected, additional details on next steps will be communicated at that time.

January 5 – All selected performers should fulfill the IAGB membership requirement. Team Leads are requested to respond to us with confirmation of membership from their participants. Please note that performers without membership will not be allowed to perform.

January 15 - Groups to submit final MP3 of their performances to CC for the Republic Day program

4. CC will review all entries that are submitted prior to the deadline and, select entries which can fit in IAGB program guideline and overall duration.

5. Submissions with missing information will be considered incomplete and will not be considered for review. The date and time of your submission will be automatically recorded.
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