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Grandoozy, a three-day music festival took place at Overland Golf Course in September 2018. As part of the commitment to the community, a portion of the ticket sales will be allocated to improvements to the neighborhood. $137,000 to neighborhood projects, $137,000 to golf course repairs, and $137,000 to Parks and Recreation. Based on cost estimates and feasibility, the following projects, suggested by the community, were selected. Please rank the following projects to be funded by The Grandoozy Community Fund.
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Neighborhood Fund *
Rank these neighborhood projects from most preferred to least. Please note that any street light or crossing improvement must meet national warrants for installation.
1 (most preferred)
7 (least preferred)
Demonstration projects for traffic calming in each neighborhood (range $5k-$30k)
Crossing improvements on Florida Ave. between golf course and Overland pond ($70k)
Crossing Improvements on Florida and Lipan or Osage ($70k)
Bicycle Improvements (buffered bike lane) on Florida Ave bridge over Platte River ($30k)
Rapid flashing beacon on Jewell and Navajo ($15k)
Street lighting study- to identify existing conditions and where new light posts would be installed. ($12k each)
Wayfinding signs in multiple neighborhoods (does not include cost of sign) ($100k)
Parks Fund *
Rank these projects from most preferred to least.
1 (most preferred)
5 (least preferred)
Increase tree canopy at Ruby Hill Park and neighborhood
Additional funding for Tennessee pocket park between Federal & Zuni
Sanderson Gulch connectivity improvements – Design only ($200k)
Sanderson Gulch Pollinator Project (the creation of high quality pollinator habitat/gardens)
Add a dog park in Ruby Hill Park (design and environmental feasibility study ($75K)
Combined Parks & Neighborhood Fund *
Rank these projects from most preferred to least. These projects would combine both funds for a larger-scale project.
1 (most preferred)
2 (least preferred)
Advance Ruby Hill Phase III in master plan- design ($450K)
Godsman Park Trail connection at W Florida Ave and Zuni St ($500K)
Would you prefer that the funds be used for:
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