Needs Assessment
Please review the following questions regarding your child and the return to school amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please fill out and submit the form if you feel your child may have additional needs that the school should be aware of. Thank you.
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Student's first and last name *
How has your child been most affected by this school closure?
What has changed in your household during school closure OR as a result of COVID-19? (change of address, people living in the household, family connections, guardianship, job loss, etc.)
How has your child been affected by news reports of world events and COVID-19?
Has your child been affected emotionally by this school closure? If so, how?
Has your child been able to interact with classmates and peers? How have they interacted? (outdoor play, phone, online, etc.)
How would you describe those interactions?
Will your child need support in renewing friendships or re-connecting with peers?
Has your child changed during the five months he/she has been away from school? Please describe that change.
Has your child developed any new skills or interests during school closure? Please explain.
Has your child developed any new fears or concerns during his or her time away from school? Please explain.
Does your child have any specific fears about returning to school? Please describe.
Has your child been able to keep up academically with the materials provided and the online learning that occurred during school closure?
Do you feel that your child has made academic progress during school closure, held their own, or fallen behind? Please explain.
If you have concerns about a specific academic area or areas, please describe or list them here.
Please list below your thoughts, concerns or suggestions about your child’s return to school.
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