Fantasy Novelist Position

Would you like to enjoy a stable long-term income?
Improve your craft?
Get tons of visibility for free?
Then you’re in the right place.

We are looking for talented novelists in the fantasy genre, either in urban, epic, dark or paranormal fantasy.
We provide proper attribution and avoid the use of pen names. Writers retain their names on the books, so please indicate if you prefer otherwise.

Each novel will be 60 – 70k words with a trilogy at a minimum. These will be serialized fantasy novels.
Checkpoints occur at each 20k mark, and the checkpoints are a lot more frequent during the first book until we ensure the quality is present.

- Your name will be on the book (unless you indicate otherwise)
- Highly experienced editing staff will provide prompt feedback on your novels
- Improve your craft. Training and tips will be provided by best-selling authors and our editorial staff, including a bestseller with a PhD in literature. Your training and development will kick off with free access to a masterclass on writing commercial fiction.
- Beautifully designed professional book covers and blurbs will be taken care of by us, so you can spend more time doing what you love -- writing
- Marketing and promotional materials and advertisements will all be taken care of by us. We invest thousands into the production and marketing for every novel published.
- Your book will be produced in ebook and paperback formats with a high likelihood of being produced as an audiobook
- Receive a stable and long-term income
- Tons of visibility for free
- Have your stories read by thousands of raving fans

- You must be Native English speaker.
- All content must be 100% original. No plagiarism. We will be verifying this, and you will not be paid if the content is not original. We will also cease employment and report you to all proper authorities.
- Final product must be proofread and free of grammatical and spelling errors.
- Fill out the google form and provide details on your preferred fantasy subgenre, pacing, publishing experience and attach your samples there

- You will be paid $0.01 per word ($100 per 10,000 words or $600 per 60,000 words) We will evaluate potential rate increases after the first trilogy is complete and depending on book performance.
- You will be paid upon the completion of each book, after all editing questions have been answered.
- Payment will be in lieu of royalties.
The sad truth is that most books don’t ever earn out an advance and publishers lose money on most of the books they publish. We have a streamlined marketing system and a hungry audience. When publishing with us, you’ll get to see how the industry works while also getting training, coaching and feedback. It’s like an MFA in creative writing, but better – because we focus on writing books that SELL.

This isn’t for everyone, and if you think you can make more than $600 publishing your own books – go for it (most authors invest for years without ever seeing a profit).

But if it’s interesting, and you want to try it out, why not send in a sample and see how it goes? (We’ll get back to you as soon as we can; we get hundreds of submissions a month and accept less than 2%).

- By applying and accepting this job, you understand and agree that this is a WORK FOR HIRE. This means once accepted and we pay you for the work, you will not retain any right to the finished products. We reserve the right to use the material in any form, whether electronic or print, and will own all rights for publication, including but not limited to, the copyright, resale, ownership, editing, revision and distribution right. You will have no rights to distribute or republish the material in any form whatsoever, even excerpts.

- Before payment, you are required to sign, scan and e-mail a nondisclosure and copyright assignment agreement stating that the rights to the content will belong to us.

ADDITIONAL NOTES Add the word "star" in under the additional comments section in the form so we know you took the time to carefully read this post. Reminder: Please apply only if you can meet the requirements and details mentioned above.

We work with following milestone format:

1. Work begins: xx/xx/2019 - Writer agreement & book instructions provided
2. Submit plot proposal
3. introduction and first 3 chapters - xx/xx/2019 (usually within 3-4 days after book is assigned to ensure we are on right track)
4. Final work to be submitted - xx/xx/2019
5. Revisions (if any) - xx/xx/2019
6. Final work accepted - xx/xx/2019- 100% payment

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