K-Street Klang Parade K-Pop Dance Cover Registration
K-Street is back at Klang Parade from 29 June - 2 July 2017! Loads of activities, bazaar and entertainment, including K-Pop Dance Cover Competition! Join now!

The K-Street K-Pop Dance Cover Competition, hereby known as “Event”, is organized by Klang Parade, here-in known as “The Organizer”.
2. The Event will be held at the main court of Klang Parade on 1 July 2017 (Auditions), from 2:00pm onwards. All groups are to report to registration counter on event date by 1:00pm. 10 groups will be selected to proceed to the finals on 2 July 2017 (2:00pm). You may perform the same routine, or change routine based on your own discretion.
3. Registration is opened to all age groups in regardless of nationality, for groups of a minimum of 2 pax. (No maximum)
4. In order to take part, please complete this form here.
5. We will only take in a maximum of 25 entries. Please book a slot on the Organizer’s Facebook event page to avoid disappointment.
5. Post the following details in the Event Page:
- Group Name
- Leader/Contact person Name & Phone
- Email
- No. of Pax
- Song names
NOTE: Each person can join only ONE crew!
6. Participating groups are required to prepare a Kpop dance routine for the judges (5 minutes max), with songs or medley from only ONE K-POP Group and not a medley of many artists.
7. Prizes
i) Champion RM 1500 cash & prizes
ii) 1st Runner-Up RM 700 cash & prizes
iii) 2nd Runner-Up RM 300 cash & prizes
8,. By participating in this competition, all contestants agree that all approvals (Parental, school etc) have been obtained
8. The Organizer reserves the rights to alter any of the terms above without prior notice
9. Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained

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