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To submit a chapbook for consideration for a printing grant, fill out the following submission form.
Participating retailers: Monkey's Paw Games (Canada), Spear Witch (US), Ratti Incantati (Canada), Loot The Room (UK).
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The Chapbook Co-Op prioritizes first-time, impoverished marginalized identity creators for chapbook grants. Are you a first-time publisher, experiencing economic hardship, or a marginalized identity? *
The Chapbook Co-Op seeks to amplify and celebrate diverse voices and faces in the role-playing games industry. We stand against bigotry in all forms including racism, sexism, transphobia, queerphobia and other forms of harm towards marginalized groups. Bigoted content is grounds for immediate termination of agreement between the chapbook creator and the Chapbook Co-Op. *
The Chapbook Co-Op is currently only accepting finished, ready-to-print zines at the moment. Is your zine finished and ready to print? *
Is your chapbook set up to be saddle-stitched or stapled and A5, 5.5x8.5”, or smaller? *
Do you affirm that all content presented in your chapbook is your work or fairly licensed for your use? *
Do you affirm that no part of this project is involved in the creation or sale of NFTs? *
If your chapbook is selected, the terms of the sales agreement are outlined as follows. Each participating retailer in the Chapbook Co-Op commits to an equal monetary contribution to cover up-front printing costs. In exchange, the participating retailers are allocated print copies equal to the wholesale value of their contribution, with a wholesale price of 50% MSRP set by the chapbook creator. The chapbook creator is allocated either the remaining print copies after the Co-Op members have been compensated, OR the equivalent funds that would have been used to print excess copies. Do you agree to these terms? *
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