Binge-eating & food addiction. Do I recognize myself in this?
Here is a series of questions about your everyday life and personality. This survey is absolutely anonymous. You CAN leave your email at the end of the quizz, if you want to keep in tuch with Masha, but you don't have to. In case you don't write your name or email, your identity will remain absolutely anonymous. is a French & English website dedicated to food addiction and eating disorders recovery.
When someone mentions that he/she needs something, I immediately offer my help, even if it is not convenient for me. *
I am generally ashamed of what I am and how I behave. I think most of the people around me are so much more sucessful than I am. *
When someone gives me a compliment, it hurts inside, like a pinch in the heart or the stomach, because I feel like, he/she doesn’t know the real me and gives this compliment to someone else. *
I often regret afterwards having commited myself to something during moments of euphoria. *
When people express unhappiness about something that I did, I feel absolutely desperate. It can lead me to huge anger or extreme sadness. *
I want to be perfect in every aspect of my life and I won’t rest until I achieve it. *
I unfrequently go through phases of intense euphoria or optimism, during which I feel like everything will finally be okay for ever. *
The way a person looks at me or talks to me can completely ruin my day. *
When I feel that someone is disappointed or unhappy with me, I’d rather break the link myself, instead of being abandoned. *
Boredom, though frequent, is an uncommonly painful experience for me. *
When I feel trapped in a place where I don’t want to be, I start to feel panick and despair and I need a compensation strategy afterwards (binge-eating, alcohol, self-cutting, drugs). *
While having a conversation with other people, I always wonder at the same time what they are thinking about me and what is their idea of me. I adjust my behavior to what I think they have in mind. *
I get bored very quickly. *
I can’t stand being criticized by someone. I think it is extremely unfair given what I am going through. *
Among other people, I am very careful of not looking different and of respecting all the rules of the group. *
I feel extremely sad and ashamed of any pain I caused to someone. *
Sometimes, I wish I could take other people's pain not to see them sad or unhappy. *
On the other hand, I sometimes experience an urge to hurt other people physically or with words when I feel criticized or rejected. I always regret it afterwards. *
I often experience huge anxiety and emptiness at the same time. *
I criticize people very easily, at least in thoughts. *
I know a few people who I think are perfect or close to perfect. *
I often feel like I don’t belong to the word I live in. *
It hurts me very badly to hear a compliment about someone else. *
If you wish (and only if you wish), you can give your first name and email. This way, you can stay in touch with Bouledevie. In case you don't, your identity will remain absolutely anonymous. In any case, please feel free to send me an email at, or to contact me through social media in case you need support or answers.
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