What Growth Teleconference Training Do You Want Most For Your School?
Text GROWTH to 70000 to enroll in Growth Teleconference updates. After enrolling, then each time you text GROWTH to 70000 you will receive the dial in in formation for the upcoming Growth Teleconference scheduled for the last Sunday evening of each month.

Please share one or more new student recruitment strategies that you have successfully employed at your school and vote on training you would like to see offered in future Growth Teleconferences.

Vote to prioritize potential presentations/topics that you would like to be covered in a Growth Teleconference.

Vote 1 to 5 with 1 being of very little interest to you and 5 being of maximum interest to you.

Please share a new student recruitment strategy or tactic that you have employed with success at your school.
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How to go about opening a new school
Conceiving and planning your Fall marketing strategy
How to economically and effectively market directly to people in the neighborhoods near your school with EDDM
Conceiving and planning your holiday season marketing strategy
How to encourage student retention with Attendance Gamification Strategy
How to increase new student prospects converting to paid enrollments
Understanding and Using school marketing automation that generates a steady stream of new student prospects
How to hire an employee for your 15 student school who works seven days a week for you for only $200 a month
How to define your school's Unique Selling Position (USP) to attract more prospective students
How to raise $5000 for your school
Why "ninja" programs are a paradoxical problem for your school
How to get more student prospects from your website
How to get your school, seen by more people in your community
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