CHS Practice Report
Digital Weekly Practice Journal
20 points total
5 points for total time
10 points for descriptive account of efficient practice
5 points for self-reflection
*Up to 10% extra credit points will be awarded per weekly private lesson.
(Do not include the lesson minutes into the amount of time spent practicing)
Last Name, First Name: *
ex. Franklin, Benjamin
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Practice Report Number: *
Music Class: *
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3rd Music Class:
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Total Weekly Time
Total time spent practicing this week in minutes.
For full credit, practice at least 120 minutes a week
(An average of 20 minutes, 6 days a week).

1-29 Minutes = 1 point
30-59 Minutes = 2 points
60-89 Minutes = 3 points
90-119 Minutes = 4 points
120+ Minutes = 5 points

What is the total amount of time you practiced this week? *
ex: 125 minutes
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List the days you practiced and for how long: *
ex: Monday: 45 minutes ; Wednesday: 100 minutes; Sunday: 90 minutes
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How did you practice?
How did you warm up throughout the week? *
Select all that apply:
List Material(s), Goal(s), and Technique(s) used this week. *
(10 POINTS) Material Examples: school music, solo repertoire, method books, recording device, tuner etc... Goal Examples: play in tune, play a piece of music at performance tempo, memorize a scale or piece of music, etc.... Technique Examples: use a metronome, slow down the tempo, break down the music, use a tuner, listened to a recording, recorded my practice and listened back etc.....
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Did your chosen technique(s) help you meet your goal(s)? *
Self Reflection
Rate your current level of playing. *
Select a number from the scale below that indicates where your playing is right now:
Which aspect(s) of your playing improved the most this week? What needs the most work?* *
Please use complete sentences and answer BOTH questions.
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Private Lessons
Only Complete this section if you had a private lesson this week.
Please write your instructor's name and the instrument your lesson was on.
ex: Itzhak Perlman, Violin
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What day was your lesson?
How long was your lesson?
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