Parking Survey - Summer 2017
What is a Residents' Parking Scheme?
A system with the aim of prioritising residents' parking over commuter or visitor parking within a set zone. When the Liberal Democrats ran the city council, the first parking permit in each household was free. Under the Conservative administration, the first permit currently costs £30, the second permit costs £60 and after that - where space permits - it is £150. For more information, you can visit the city council's web page on residents' parking.
Tell Us What You Think
We want to know what local people think. We realise not everyone agrees with parking zones, so it is important that we get your feedback on these key questions.
Is there a parking problem in your road?
Do you already have a parking zone?
If you don't have a residents' parking zone, do you want one?
If you answered 'no' to the previous question, would you change your mind if adjacent streets voted in favour of a zone?
Do you agree with Portsmouth Lib Dems that streets which vote for parking zones should be allowed to have them?
Making Parking Zones Work
In the past, there have been criticisms of parking zones, especially around 'displacement' - i.e. cars moving outside the zone to avoid paying for permits, and parking in nearby streets.

Portsmouth Lib Dems believe that if we consult much wider areas across the city at the same time, then where people vote for them, parking zones could be introduced simultaneously, preventing displacement.

Would you like to see parking zones introduced across wider areas?
We need to make sure every parking space is being used effectively and wherever possible ensure that zones don't create wasted spaces.
Should zones overlap at the edges so that certain streets are in more than one zone to try to avoid wasted spaces?
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