2020 Storymakers Conference Scholarship Application
The deadline for scholarship applications will be December 15, 2019.
Scholarship recipients will be contacted by January 6, 2020.

Scholarships are non-transferable.

Please email conference@storymakersconference.com if you have any questions.
Nominee Name:
Enter the name of the person the scholarship is intended for.
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Nominee Email:
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Applicant Role
If applying for self, check "Self." If applying on behalf of someone else, please check "Other"
Name and Email (if applying on behalf of someone else):
If you responded with "Other" in the previous question, please provide the name and email of the person nominating on behalf of someone else. If you responded with "Self," skip this question.
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Scholarship Type:
Has the nominee been to Storymakers Conference previously? If so, what years? (Does not have to be exact.)
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Reason for Scholarship:
While this is a needs based scholarship, we do not ask you to submit detailed financial information. Rather, please self-certify that without financial assistance it would be difficult, if not impossible, to attend. To demonstrate seriousness about a writing career, please also indicate why you (or the person you are nominating) wishes to attend the conference and what path you hope to take with your writing. This should be brief, but enough to demonstrate that the you (or the person you are nominating) will put the skills and tools you acquire at the conference to good purpose. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to disqualify any application they judge as lacking merit.
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