Karl Tatler Estate Agents & Lettings - recruitment survey
As a leading Wirral estate agent, we love that lots of people want to come and work with us.

We are known for our innovation, training, team spirit and achievements.

We are all about our clients journey, experience and helping real people make their dreams reality.

If you think this could be for you, then we want to hear from you.

We review every application we receive and often start our recruitment process with a telephone interview.

When you are ready please give us your details, when you have finished the questionnaire send your CV to recruitment@karltatler.com.

1. Please provide your full name, address, email and contact number(s). *
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2. Please tell us what you consider to be your greatest achievement. *
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3. What was your starting salary at your current job and what is your current salary? *
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4. Thank you very much for completing the questionnaire. Please leave below any additional information you think we should consider on your application.
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