60 Seconds Skipping World Championships
This challenge will begin on Monday 2nd March

You will need a team of 10 students to play with each student allowed to throw 1 attempt in each round.
The clock timer will need to count up from zero to 60- seconds.
Each second is worth 1 point.
When the rope stops turning or the student stops jumping the time should be called. e.g. If the timer has reached 25 seconds this student is awarded 25 points.
Add up the total score for the 10 students and place this in the round score you are up to in the round.
 This will need to be supervised by yourself to verify results.

Teams will play 7 rounds each. Their scores are matched with other teams from around the world and then a win, loss or draw is declared automatically.

Finals will follow the completion of the round robin draw.
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How to play
Watch this video see how to play. When entered you will receive an email from me with instructions and access to the league you are playing in.
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