Blind Tiger Comedy Financial Aid Scholarship
Blind Tiger Comedy is committed to reducing barriers for anyone who wants to try comedy. The BTC Financial Aid Scholarship will be given each semester to cover the full tuition for a) two students interested in an Intro class and b) two students interested in a Sketch or Long Form class.

We get that applying for financial aid can be stressful. We've tried to keep the application as short and unintrusive as possible. Every member of the Blind Tiger Comedy team has experienced significant financial need, and that's why this scholarship is important to us.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by Blind Tiger Comedy Co-Directors Tom Hill and Caitlin Howden, as well as the General Manager Helen Camisa. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of:

- Financial Need
- Availability of your class of interest
- Merit*

*For students who have taken a class with us before, we will check in with your previous teachers to understand your enthusiasm, attendance, and acumen in class)

Financial Aid Applications for SEMESTER 24 are due September 20th, high noon PST. If applications come in after this time and there are still scholarships available, we'll take em! The form will be closed as soon as we're filled for this semester.
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