Personal Chef Questionnaire
Greetings!  Thank you for reaching out to support your food life!  

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us understand your needs & desires around personal chef services!  If you would prefer to answer these questions over the phone, please call us at 732.306.8400.

Only those questions below marked with *red asterisks* need responses.  
Please only answer the questions that feel most relevant to you & your desires.

After receiving your form, we will be in touch to clarify any details and provide a menu proposal, an estimate, and a sliding-scale fee for service. The cost will likely be approximately $200-400 per cook session, plus ingredients. Cost will vary by menu, distance of travel, and size of group.

Thank you for saying YES to even the possibility of this adventure together. <3

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YOU <3
By what name(s) do you prefer to be called? *
What pronouns do you use?  Thank you. <3 . *
What is your preferred email address (or other preferred contact information)? *
What manner of Personal Chef services do you seek? *
Please briefly describe your needs & desires around this service. *
What would make this service feel wonderful for you? *
Do you, or anyone in your group, have any known dietary needs or restrictions? *
If this is a meal in celebration of any particular occasion, what is the intention of the gathering?
Please answer questions in this section only if you are interested in the Meals for your Week Service
If this is for Meals for your Week, are you interested in pairing our cooking sessions with the arrival of a CSA box? (CSA stands for community supported agriculture. This typically involves regularly receiving/picking up a box of mixed produce from a local farmer, over a period of several weeks, paid for by you upfront.)
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How often would you like us to prepare food at your home?
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How much food would you like us to prepare each time we cook? One way to answer this is to let us know how often how many people will be eating the food (e.g. "I want enough food for three people to eat it for dinner four times a week").
We can focus on preparing ready-to-eat meals, partially prepared ingredients & pantry staples for you to cook with (e.g. bone broth, blanched greens, condiments, etc.), or both. What would you like?
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What cuisines, culture(s), and/or geographies would you like to see represented on your table? *
What are your priorities when it comes to sourcing the food, if any (e.g. organic, fair trade, from a particular source)?
Are there certain menu items you know you'd like us to prepare?  Would you like hors d'oeuvres? Beverages? Dessert?
Is it important that animal protein (dairy and/or meat) be included in the meal(s)? If so, any requests?
We will let you know if we have particular equipment / serving dish needs once we have co-created the menu.
Please describe your kitchen (size, appliances, anything else you think we ought know). You may also take a picture or two & email it to!
Do you have a particular budget or budget range in mind for this service?
For how many people will we be cooking (yourself included)? *
What is your address? *
When might you/your group be available for this meal or service? Depending on the menu, cooking will probably take between about 2-5 hours.
Note here any specific time availabilities that would need be met.
What ought we have asked that we didn't ask? Do you have any questions for us?
Is there anyone else in your life who might enjoy a meals for their week or a festive meal at home? We invite you to forward them this form.  Thank you. <3 .
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