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CRLN will be in DC from April 21-24, visiting Illinois Representatives and Senators (1) asking for support to end the embargo against Cuba; (2) calling for a full & independent investigation into the murder of Berta Cáceres and a suspension of all military and police aid to Honduras; (3) and asking for funding to implement the Peace Accords in Colombia and for Colombian officials to dismantle paramilitaries still active in the country.

You can add your signature to these letters by completing the form below. Even if you can't be with us in DC, you can still be part of this work by pressuring your member of Congress! The final text of each letter will shift according to the Member of Congress' past support or lack of support on these issues. But our asks will remain the same! Join our letters below!

See here for more information on the different asks:
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Thank you for joining CRLN as we continue calling Illinois' Congressional members to represent us in their foreign policy!
You will be receiving a report back from our Hill visits in late April. Please contact CRLN's Human Rights Coordinator, Sharon Hunter-Smith with any questions: Thanks!
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