Post "Safer at Home" Survey...
We would like to hear how your business is doing after re-opening from the "safer at home" order. Your answers are anonymous, as we are not capturing emails or asking for your place of business We need this data to advocate to local, state and federal officials.
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Number of Employees? *
Which village or township is your business located? *
What are your top concerns with operating your business during this "new normal"? (check all that apply) *
What hours is your company currently operating? *
For companies that are closed, do you plan to reopen? *
Has your staffing changed due to COVID-19? (check all that apply) *
Did your company have business interruption insurance that will cover all, or a portion of your related COVID-19 losses? *
What type of assistance do you need now as you operate during this new normal? *
What portion of your business came from online sales/service pre-COVID? *
What portion of your business comes from online sales/service post-COVID? *
Since re-opening, are your sales: *
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