The Colourful Project 2020
Whimsical Productions recognises that diversity and inclusion helps to support creativity and innovation: they are an essential ingredient in a successful production company.

The Colourful Project is a program that supports our objective to promote racial diversity in the arts in a positive manner and all company and production members must uphold the following values when it comes to show selection, casting and appointing production roles.

You can read our current policy here:

By participating in our short survey, you are helping us to identify areas of improvement, concerns and update our policy for future productions.
1. Which of the following do you identify with? *
2. If you are CALD, what is your background? (optional)
3. How do you feel about the current representation of BIPOC/CALD artists in performing arts in Australia?
4. What would be your ideal percentage of BIPOC/CALD performers in a cast?
5. What are your thoughts on BIPOC/CALD artists in creative team roles (writing, directing, choreographing, music directing etc.)?
6. Is there anything else we should consider in ensuring we actively encourage involvement of BIPOC/CALD artists in theatre?
7. Where are you based? *
8. What is your background in theatre? (Please select all that apply) *
Please add your name and contact details if you are willing to discuss your thoughts and experiences further or feel free to reach out to us at
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