XFINITY Pie-oneer Cook-Off
Sponsored by XFINITY, the Pie-oneer Cook-Off is a Pioneer Day favorite!

The rules of the Cook-Off are:
1. No pre-made crusts or fillings.
2. Must be served at room temperature/pie cannot require refrigeration.
3. Please use disposable pie pans.
4. Registration ends Monday, June 22nd.
5. Registration is first come first serve, we can only accept the first 10 pies entered into the contest.
6. Pies become the property of the Pioneer Day Extravaganza to be used at will.
7. 1 pie (minimum) must be provided for professional judging. You may provide more pies for public judging.
8. Pies must be delivered to judging area (South end of park next to the Main Stage) between 10:00 -10:30 am.

The Judging Criteria is as follows:
Overall Appearance: 15 points
Crust: 20 points
Pie Filling: 25 points
Flavor: 30 points
Creativity: 10 points

Any questions pleas contact Riley Myer at

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