Barriers and Successes in Bringing STEM Education to Rural Communities
Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete our brief survey. Our goal is to better understand the programs and projects that have been undertaken across the country to support STEM teachers in rural communities as they work to deliver outstanding instruction to their students.

The information gathered by this survey will be used to share trends, best practices, and success stories with those interested in how organizations are currently supporting STEM teachers in rural communities.

We will also use this survey as a means to identify individuals whom we would like to interview in order to clarify opportunities and challenges when working with rural educators and communities. The objective is to create a number of case studies and guides for entities seeking to support STEM teachers in rural areas.

Please respond to this survey if:
- Your organization has at least one program or project that supports STEM teachers working in rural areas. This applies to pre-service or in-service teachers teaching PreK-12 in any content area.

- You as an individual are either directly involved in the implementation of the program or project or have enough detailed information to provide an accurate and full description of the work. If this is not you, please forward to someone who is best-positioned to respond in this way.

- You are open to having a follow-up conversation so that we may learn more about your particular program or project and to connecting us to any relevant partners so that we may understand the activity from the viewpoint of all involved members.

1. Does your organization work in rural or geographically isolated areas? *
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