RE Faith Formation Volunteering & Feedback: Into the Future! 2017-2018
Volunteering for RE Faith Formation is an important and easy fun way to "be the change" you want to see in the future.

We appreciate you taking a moment to offer us feedback and reflect upon talents and time you can be part of UU Religious Faith Formation.

By responding you will not automatically be signed up as a volunteer. We will be in touch with you to follow up.

Thank you, for your time, talent and generous loving heart!
Dolores GHeredia-Wood, Director of RE Faith Formation & Youth Programs

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Sunday Morning RE Faith Formation Groups
Volunteering to be group leader is a great way to connect with youth. We only ask you to be present once or twice a month for less than a couple of hours. These are smaller peer based groups. Agendas and materials are provided and have a meeting/training at the beginning of the year.

The Pre K to 6th Groups join friends to explore our church community and Unitarian Universalist basics.

The 7th - 12th Groups are about expanding self knowledge, inter-religious & multicultural awareness with Unitarian Universalism beliefs at the core.

I am interested in being part of Sunday Morning Groups
RE Faith Formation Chapel Days
The RE UU Faith Formation Chapel Days focus is worship, incorporating spirituality and ethics through celebration, activities and socialization in community with friends.

Three to four chapel buddies maintain an environment conducive to worship and encourage youth develop a sense of belonging through community Chapel buddy volunteer come once a month for less than a couple of hours. Exceptions throughout year: holidays because of pageant; end of year events. Agendas and materials are provided and have a meeting/training at the beginning of the year.

I am interested in being part of Chapel Days
UU Family Sunday Evenings and beyond!
Religious Faith Formation on Sunday Evenings and other events offer families, parents and youth more opportunities to gather as UU's and strengthen their bond as through a their church community .

Sunday evenings are designed as an alternate to UU families who have conflicting schedules with Sunday mornings or that Sunday evenings accommodate their schedule better. The UU Family Sunday Nights activities are offered Sunday evenings begin at 4:30.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating of leading in any of these events. Suggestions welcomed!

Talents, skills & areas of expertise...
Do you have any skills, talents or areas of expertise you'd like to share with RE Faith Formation? Examples include Parenting groups, Storytelling, Music, Yoga, or knowledge of other religions or relevant topics, etc. We'd love to have you join us!
Please list your talents skills & areas of expertise
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Feedback: Your feedback is Important! Please give us feedback about the RE Faith Formation Program or contact Dolores~ Director of RE Faith Formation & YP directly at or 954.588.6836. Candid conversations are always welcomed! *
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And off into the Future we go! Thank you!
This important information will assist us to offer a program that uses the resources of our community wisely and build a strong spiritual, ethical, and UU identity for all ages.
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