National Defense PAC 2016 Vetting Questions
The National Defense Political Action Committee (NDPAC) was formed in 2000 with the very specific focus of supporting non-incumbent military veterans for election and incumbent military veterans for reelection to the U.S. Congress and State elected offices, each with solid, demonstrable support for a strong national defense. In 2014, the number of personnel serving in the U.S. Armed Forces in the defense of freedom and the American way of life was just 2.2 million, a significant reduction from the 3 million who were serving in 2010. There were almost 2.3 million military retirees and survivors, and over 21.8 million military veterans in 2014. NDPAC believes that every one of these military active duty, reservists, Guardsmen, retirees and veterans deserves your full and unwavering support in the Congress or in the State legislatures for what they are doing and what they have done. To that end, we have prepared a short list of national security related questions that we ask all candidates to answer before an NDPAC endorsement can be made.
1. If elected, will you support the determination of what level of expenditure and medical facilities/personnel growth would be necessary to provide the level of care promised our retired military when they joined the armed forces, and then support the adequate funds for services and facilities to fulfill the promises made to these valiant Americans? *
2. If elected, will you aggressively pursue funding to finish the development, acquisition and deployment of a National Missile Defense system to defend America and its allies and friends against incoming missiles and nuclear warheads? *
3. If elected, will you insist on fully enforcing current immigration law, seek legislation and pursue policies that will protect America from illegal immigration (to include Islamic terrorists), and identify these transnational threats to Americans in simple, clear and truthful terminology? *
4. If elected, do you commit that you will ensure that action is taken to bring our Nation’s Federal budget into fiscal balance by directing a U.S. Government-wide zero based budget audit, capping annual expenditures to the amount of annual receipts, and reducing spending while not increasing Federal taxes? *
5. If elected, will you vote for a formal Congressional Declaration of War on the Islamic State, aka ISIS, ISIL and Daesh, and commit to the global elimination of Salafist ideology and Islamist jihadism? *
6. If elected, will you support the concept of preserving the incentives, motivation, honor and values that have made the United States military the most respected institution in the Nation and the most feared adversary in the world? *
7. If elected, will you aggressively support the continuing vision, concept and implementation of the U.S. Armed Forces TOTAL FORCE POLICY, wherein Reserve and Guard Components are utilized as a strategic reserve (vice an operational or tactical reserve) and are organized, trained, equipped and deployed as organic units (vice individual mobilization augmentees [IMA’s])? *
8. If elected, will you support the previously proven, highly effective and most cost efficient policy of assigning military Roles and Missions to the Reserve and Guard Components, unless they cannot be performed by the Reserve and Guard on an effective and timely response basis and can only be performed by full-time active duty forces? *
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