CARE Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Capital Area Rescue Effort (CARE).  CARE’s rescue work wouldn’t be possible without volunteers.  Volunteering can be very rewarding and can have a significant impact on the lives of homeless dogs.  Even a small amount of volunteer time is greatly appreciated.  Please complete and submit the following to apply to be a volunteer with CARE.  

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Capital Area Rescue Effort (CARE) welcomes volunteers ages 18 and up. Volunteers ages 14 through 17 are welcomed to some activities when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

By signing below, I attest that all information entered on the Volunteer Application is accurate and correct, and give my permission to have that information confirmed through a reference procedure.

I attest that I am not currently charged with any criminal or traffic (for transporters) offenses, and/or that I am not the subject of an administrative investigation related to animal or child abuse or neglect.  For Court-ordered Community Service, I have  disclosed any and all  information relating to past criminal offenses, traffic infractions, animal cruelty, and/or administrative findings of child abuse/neglect.  

In addition, by signing below I acknowledge that my failure to fully complete this volunteer application and/or provide truthful responses may cause the rescue to deny my volunteer application.

I, the undersigned volunteer or parent or guardian (if volunteer under 18) understand and agree that the possibility of injury may occur while working with animals. I, the undersigned volunteer (or parent or guardian), desiring to donate my time and talents to Capital Area Rescue Effort (CARE) do hereby agree to indemnify, release and hold harmless the Capital Area Rescue Effort (CARE) from any loss or injury that may result from my volunteer activities. Any tangible property or intellectual property which may be produced during the course of my volunteering with Capital Area Rescue Effort (CARE), is the sole property of Capital Area Rescue Effort (CARE).
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Volunteers under 18 will require parental approval. This will be obtained at orientation or the first volunteer event.
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