【Last Minute IBDP - Drilling Course】
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Total: 10 sessions

English A: Lang & Lit (SL/HL) (Paper 1 & Paper 2)
English A: Literature (SL/HL) (Paper 1 & Paper 2)

🕑 2 Hours Paper Drilling + 1.5 Hours exam-oriented scoring techniques

- Exam-oriented to boost students’ competence
- Simulates real exam conditions
- Tackles common mistakes for exam perfection
- Administered by our Principal, IBO English Examiner Emerson Blais

For enquiries, please feel free to reach us.
☎️ Phone: 3906 9766|📱 WhatsApp: 9316 9553
📥 Messenger: m.me/causewayeducation
📧 Email: info@causewayeducation.com
🔗 Website: http://www.causewayeducation.com
📍 Address: Rm301, One Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

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