Are you a Developer or IT Admin using Screen Readers? Sign up today to participate in Google User Research!

We are currently looking for feedback from developers and IT Admins located in the United States to help us better understand and improve accessibility tools.

This remote study is open to developers and IT admins from all types of companies who use screen readers. We are interested in the workflow of users, especially while using command line interfaces, and browser-based developer tools.

Would you be interested in talking to us about your experiences and/or participating in future research? If so, please fill out the brief questionnaire below.

** Please note that we receive a high number of responses and we cannot respond to each one. If we do not reply to you, please know that we have read your response carefully. **

The details of the study:

- The study will last 60 minutes.
- Participants will receive a $150 gift code.
- The study is REMOTE and will be confirmed via calendar appointment.
- NOTE: Only accessibility developers may participate.

Please reach out to with any questions you might have about this study.

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