Production Crew/Creatives Callout
This form is for Slanted Theatre's internal use only. For the moment, we are not taking submissions from performers/actors. For casting calls and any other opportunities, we usually post them on our website:
What is your name? (preferred/professional/stage) *
What are your pronouns?
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Are you any of the following (or interested in the following)? (You may select more than one) *
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In the above roles, do you consider yourself... *
Diversity & Inclusion
While we're committed to working with artists of Asian heritage, we are hoping to have a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and people on all of our teams. If you are comfortable, we would love for you to fill out the following questionnaire to help us ensure that we are considering a number of ...
Do you identify as any of the following? (You may choose more than one)
As we hold most of our meetings over Zoom, do you have any accessibility requirements regarding Zoom/the internet?
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