Chicago Rope Presenter Application
Chicago Rope is a volunteer effort that depends on the generosity of our presenters sharing their knowledge with the Chicago rope community. We invite everyone who is interested in contributing to apply, from experienced presenters to those who are new to presenting but who have substantial rope knowledge.

Presenters will be selected based on proposed class content, previous teaching experience, and demonstrated skill with rope. Repeat presenters will also be considered on the basis of feedback from previous classes. We would like to incorporate training for both tops and bottoms, and therefore encourage presenters to apply in top-bottom pairs and propose specific content relevant to both roles.

If you are an experienced presenter, you can fill out our application and upload a list of your current class offerings. Presenters without class lists, or those who wish to develop new classes, should suggest areas of interest and expertise that they would like to present on. We are happy to work with our presenters on developing classes that suit our curricular needs while taking advantage of individual strengths and skillsets.

Class scheduling is flexible based on the availability of presenters, but all events will be held at GD2 immediately prior to member hours on either Saturday (6:00pm - 8:00pm) or Sunday (5:00pm-7:00pm). For out-of-town presenters, our host venue is usually able to cover travel expenses out of their education budget. If you would like to request travel reimbursement, please provide an estimate of your expenses below.

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