CCI 2016 Hungary in Monor, July 24-30 and also Teachers' 22-24 July
Coming to the Heart of Europe. CCI-Europe 2016 is hosted by the Hungarian CoCounselling community. We are an active group since 1986, initiated into "life" by our dedicated teacher, Mary Corr...kept in a flow by the ongoing team of a few dedicated cocounsellors and refreshed by a few new people joining us....
CoCounselling Teachers' Learning Gathering (July 22-24) is open to all cocounsellors, where we have a calling theme in line with our CCI theme: Journey into Light. Coming to the Heart of Europe.
How can Cocounselling serve the growing need for Mindful Presence in Times of Chaos and Fear?
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Includes gathering/full board. You might want to collect deposit in the given country and transfer in one amount in order to reduce transfer cost. IF you do so, please, let us know whose deposits they are...
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Registration fee for Teachers Gathering (after May 1st +30 euro each)
July 22 after 4pm-to July 24th after 2pm, Fee includes full board in Major Motel, in MONOR, 4 kms to the CCI Venue
BURSARY is requested until May 15th - new early registration date
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Deposit of 40% to be transfered to Ariadne Gaia Foundation by May 15th *
account information:MagNet bank, address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 98. Account: SWIFT/BIC: HBWEHUHB EURO: IBAN: HU59 1620 0106 1157 1838 0000 0000 and ( HUF: 16200106-11566841 00000000 ) In case of cancellation deposit is refunded until June 22nd after registration costs of 5% deduced
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