Dominica Field Experience 2019 Early Interest Form
SE@UVA seeks to support students as they expand their education in social entrepreneurship through experiential learning opportunities. One of our best and longest-running Field Experiences is our May term in Dominica, led by Bevin Etienne who is originally from Dominica. 

This is a multi-disciplinary experience blending field visits to offer students exposure to a diversity of local enterprises with an emphasis on those with successful and innovative social components. Visits will include organic farms, ocean fishing cooperatives, local manufacturing facilities (coffee, tea, essential oils, etc.), sustainable tourism, and cargo transportation. In addition to site visits, guest lectures will be offered by Dominican social entrepreneurs as well as government officials.

The course will be set to instructor permission and priority consideration will be given to students who have filled out this form to register their interest in advance.

A limited number of $1,000 travel stipends are available!
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