Advanced Strategies ( through its East West Interconnect ( initiative is studying the scope of expansion of Medium, Small & Micro Enterprises in India. Among other opportunities, untapped regions such as the North East States of India provide challenging opportunities for business expansion. We request you to assist us with our study by filling in the enclosed questionnaire so that we may play a meaningful role in MSME business expansion. The information you will provide will be kept confidential and based on our findings we look forward to providing you with a value proposition to create value and accelerate your business. Thank your for your attention.

For Advanced Strategies Pvt. Ltd. through the East West Interconnect

Rajiv Bhatia

1.Company / Enterprise Name *
2.Contact Person & Designation (preferably a decision maker in charge of enterprise business expansion) *
3.Sector of core competency? *
4.Products / Services your company / enterprise offers with details. *
5.New products / services your company / enterprise desires to produce / market in future.
6.Financial details as you may be comfortable to disclose – turnover, profitability etc.
7.Indian Regional Markets your company / enterprise is in. *
8.Indian Regional Markets your company / enterprise would like to enter in the near future *
9.Have you tried to venture into the North East India markets? *
10.If no then why not?
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11.If yes then please explain the present status of North East Projects?
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12.Which North East States would you like to expand ?
13.Would you like that we keep in touch with you about MSME expansion and growth opportunities in North East India ?
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14.Some details of what you may like us to do for you.
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