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How can I borrow an artwork from the BPW Lending Library?
Any individual, institution, agency or company is welcome to register to borrow work from the Library’s catalog.

Borrowing is FREE!!!

Our ultimate goal is for the Lending Library to make art available to anyone who wants it. In our initial launch phase, however, our supply of available art is limited.

For this reason, at this time, we prioritize spaces that will help us grow the project, which are:

-Public or semi-public
-Help us reach new audiences
-Increase the artwork’s potential for impact, through a connection to the artwork’s theme.

That said, we want anyone and everyone to participate!

If you would like to borrow artwork, please fill out the following form. Throughout the fall of 2017 the remaining Lending Library works will go out on loan to registered borrowers. Borrowers who do not receive works will be added to a waiting list for our next round of borrowing.
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