CE History 2700/2710 Disclosure
Ms. McDonald Bingham High School

US History 2700/2710 is a challenging course sophomore college course offered at Bingham High School. You will expand your knowledge of how Americans lived in the past and how that impacts the nation today.
Throughout this course you will learn or improve your ability to:
(1) Plan and organize regular study habits
(2) Understand and synthesize a broad knowledge of the history of the United States.
(3) Understand, through a study of contemporary and historical events, the role of the United States in the world today.
(4) Analyze primary sources to understand conflicting viewpoints of the past.
(5) Write argumentative essays

How we learn in this class:
 Classroom discussions
 Textbook, primary, and secondary source readings
 Class debates, projects, and interpretative works
 Writing– essays, journals, homework
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I am excited to spend time with your student this year exploring American History! If there are any concerns or issues I should be aware of, please let me know in the comments below or email me. Thanks!
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How to connect with Ms. McD: Cher.McDonald@Jordandistrict.org OR http://msmcdushistory.pbworks.com OR 801-256-4103 OR Parents can sign up to receive the same reminders via text or email.
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