Final Boss: The card game
This survey is intended to help me out to collect your feedback and design the best possible version of Final Boss
Where did you find about Final Boss?
Did you like the art I'm planning to use in the printed version?
I hate it
I love it
Did you like the humor behind the game references?
No, it was lame
Yessss! It was hilarious
Is the game missing any video game?
Your answer
Would you back this game on Kickstarter?
Eww no!
Yeah! I'll fund all your dreams
How much would you pay for this game?
If you tried the game, please answer these questions
Did you liked it?
I hated it
I love it
How many people did you play?
Alone. Just checking it
Too many
How long was your play time?
Too short (less than 20m)
Too long (more than 2h)
Is the game easy to play? Are the cards understandable?
It was hell to play
Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Would you change any card name or description?
Your answer
Did you like the game "take that" mechanics?
No! It was too crazy
Yes! It was awesome to play
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