Gunnison County COVID - 19 Symptoms Self Report Form
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Please fill out a single form for EACH person showing symptoms.

All of your personal information will remain anonymous, and is there to allow our Health and Human Services staff to monitor you.

With community-level transmission of COVID-19 confirmed in Gunnison County, testing is being reserved for the most critical cases. It is important, however, that we continue to be able to track the spread of COVID-19 to align response resources in Gunnison County and evaluate the strategies in place to decrease the spread of illness. We need your help by filling out this form. This information will help us greater clarity on areas impacted, types of symptoms being experienced. Most people who get COVID-19 will experience mild symptoms and not require direct medical care, however, information regarding any symptoms help public health response teams understand and track the spread of COVID-19 in Gunnison County. Please be aware that the Gunnison Valley Hospital Emergency Department is available for life-threatening emergencies only.

If you are symptomatic, but otherwise ok, please self-isolate for 10 days and self-report at
If you are symptomatic and worsening, please call the call center. 970-641-7660
We ask that you not show up to the screening site until you call first.
If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Be sure to follow for Gunnison County-specific information on the COVID-19 response.
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