ESOL Program: Parent Survey
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. We value your feedback in our annual needs assessment process. Responses will be kept confidential, and you will never be identified. Responses will be summarized and analyzed in order to plan for the next fiscal year. The estimated time to complete the survey is between 3-5 minutes.
1. Please indicate the grade of your child (mark all that apply).
2. My child attends school at Graduation Achievement Charter High School:
3. How well does the school/teacher communicate with you (e.g. newsletter, calendar, or report cards)?
4. How would you rate the quality of your child's ESOL program?
5. How well do you feel the program involves you, the parent/guardian, in your child's education?
6. How would you rate your child's overall progress in the ESOL program?
7. How would you like to be involved in school planning and decision making at your child's school?
8. How often do you receive information on what you can do at home to help your child improve his/her learning?
9. How often are you invited to meetings so that you can learn about what is going on in the school (e.g. issues or policies)?
10. How often do you receive regular updates from the teachers on your child's progress?
11. What type of information do you receive on what your child should learn and be able to do in each grade in school?
12. How often do you receive information about services to support your child's learning (e.g. free tutoring, career exploration?
13. How often do you receive information on what your child's learning goals are, and what classes or programs your child should take?
14.What suggestions do you have for improving the ESOL program?
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