Coker University Early Alert Reporting System (EARS)
The purpose of the Coker University Early Alert Reporting System (EARS) is to provide an opportunity for the Coker Community to alert University officials of students who may be experiencing difficulties. Traditional types of referrals might include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. class attendance or meeting issues (for example, advising appointments)
2. poor / failing grades
3. time management / study skills / lack of direction/ motivation
4. financial difficulty / hardships
5. family / personal problems affecting performance in or out of the classroom

Once received, a member of the Student Success Team will follow up with the student in 24-72 hours of your referral. Due to student privacy laws, Coker University may not be able to share specific information about your referral with you. If you would like to send an email about a student or situation, please address it to

If this is an emergency and you feel the student is a threat to him/herself or others, please call Coker University Campus Safety at 843-383-8140 immediately.
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